Garden of France

France’s most famous châteaux dot the verdant landscape of the Loire Valley. Known as the “Garden of France,” this region recalls the extravagant power of France’s royal yesteryear. Here, the ponderous Loire River rolls calmly past some of the most breathtaking castles in Europe. From the magnificent gardens of Villandry to the turrets of Amboise, the chimneys of Chambord to the arches of Chenonceau, each château is a fairy tale testament to the distinct personality of a sometime ruler. Nearby towns such as Tours, Orleans, and Angers bring to life pivotal moments in French history. “Garden of France?” If only our own backyard looked so lovely…

Just three hours’ drive south of Paris, the Loire Valley, is a medley of history, geography, architecture, art and culture, waiting to be explored. Let us show you around!
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Most etr groups explore the Loire in combination with the French capital, Paris. The duration of the visits are usually one to three days, depending upon your desires.

Eager to see the Loire Valley everyone raves about?

As each etr itinerary is custom designed, we can provide you with just the right Loire program. Drop us a line and we can tell you more!
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