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Community Service
With one of the world’s neediest populations, Cambodia provides numerous service options for students. Our more popular program takes in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, delving into the country’s turbulent history and its ramifications before we put our energies to work renovating schools and orphanages, planting sustainable gardens and mentoring primary students.

Very worthwhile and meaningful service project which made a real difference; I’m happy we were doing something so well thought out.
BT and his student’s exploration of Cambodia included a Siem Reap service project.
No etr program is ever complete without fully embracing the culture of the country, so we dovetail our programs with the cultural and historical highlight of Angkor Wat as well as Cambodian cooking classes, dance performances and investigations of traditional art.
A true personal growth experience, the etr service programs in Cambodia stress teamwork and cultivate skills which allow students to approach future challenges readily and with self-assurance.

For more details on how we can provide your students with a relevant and rewarding service project in Cambodia, just drop us a line.

Enticed by an etr service program in Cambodia?

We create customized service itineraries for schools just like yours. To begin your journey to Cambodia just drop us a line.
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