Verdant mountains crowned with gilded Buddhas, tropical islands fragrant with jasmine.

Travel writers have tried, but all have found it difficult to put a single caption on a country as diverse as Thailand: Verdant mountains crowned with gilded Buddhas, tropical islands fragrant with jasmine and curry, stupa-strewn villages pulsing with hospitality. It is true, Thailand is an enchanting wonderland of culture, cuisine, religion, and natural beauty, one kingdom yet at the same time many countries.

On a learning adventure of this seductive kingdom with etr, your students will not only discover why Thailand is one of the go-to spots in Asia, but learn the pinpoints of the cultural, environmental, religious and historical pulses that give the "the land of smiles" its irresistible charm. With over 400 Buddhist temples in Bangkok alone, this City of Angels, a flamboyant mix of spirituality and modernity and are symmetrically opposed to the rural villages which embody the traditional ways of the agricultural life.

Most etr groups are attracted by the diverse range of student activities and service project possibilities Chiang Mai and the region surrounding offers. Yes, Chiang Mai is home to glorious temples, lively markets and funky shops, which we are sure to visit. But, importantly, we venture out of town for a program of activities including trekking, rafting, rural village visits, school exchanges and investigate the local flora and fauna. Add instruction in traditional thai boxing and hands-on cooking classes and it is an experience to remember.

• Thai Culture • History • Community Service • Environmental Awareness

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Come with us on a diverse etr learning adventure in Thailand, land of so many possibilities.

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