From culture to cuisine to contemporary art, our customized Japan itineraries provide a generous helping of insight into what makes Japan, well, Japan. Come and see.

Though we all know that there is more to Japan than just high rise, fast paced Tokyo, it is the megacity capital where most etr groups start, naturally. You’ll discover the fast-paced Shinjuku and Akihabara districts, checking out the fashion, food, and electronics that have made this city a shopper’s (and diner’s) paradise. You’ll venture to Asakusa and its main attraction, Sensoji, the 7th century Buddhist temple and to Odaiba to explore technological innovation at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, or simply, Miraikan. There are a dizzying array of art galleries / museum to explore followed by the chance to visit a Sumo stable to learn of this unique and very traditional sport, ascend to the top of the SkyTree, try our hand at kumi-daiko, or Japanese drumming, and of course, a bit of shopping along Nakamise-dori. Given time, there is also the chance to visit the serene landscapes of nearby Hakone – dominated by the grand profile of Mt. Fuji – offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the capital city.

After Tokyo, many groups board the Shinkansen on the Tōkaidō line to Nagoya to learn about the bullet train’s evolution and what the high speed train of the future, the MAGLEV, looks and feels like. We also visit the highly automated Toyota factory, located nearby. Our groups often then venture to Kyoto, where Japan’s imperial history comes alive as we visit some of the country’s most stunning shrines and temples. Following the city’s narrow lanes, we’ll take in some very cool traditional markets and eateries before going local with an evening of karaoke. Visits to Nara and Osaka are often requested in our Japan programs as is Hiroshima, and a visit to Peace Park.

And, don’t forget that etr also offers three and four day programs to learn, hands on, the traditional techniques of Japanese ceramics in quaint Mashiko followed by a three days exploring Tokyo’s art scene. Just ask for details.

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The diversity of activities in Japan makes exploration perfect for both middle and high school students. And we customize each and every program to meet your specific requirements and foci. To learn more, just drop us a line.

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To get the most out of your time in Japan, just drop us a line and we will create an itinerary specific to your, and your students, wishes.
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