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As a land of diverse student destinations, the world's largest continent, Asia, truly does have a lot going for it. Just a quick glance finds that from India's Taj Mahal, to the Angkor temple ruins in Cambodia, to the Great Wall of China, some of humanity's most renowned architectural wonders fill this land, and it's no wonder considering the multitude of religious (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islam, Sikh…) and cultural groups which make this region home.

At etr we have scoured this continent and developed student itineraries which bring the student traveler in contact with more than just well known monuments. We know that to fully understand a destination you have to also get away from the well worn tourist path and as best we can, delve into the region's tiny hamlets whose inhabitants preserve millennia of traditions lie scattered throughout this exotic landscape. Therefore, often etr groups are found hiking through beautiful Balinese rice terraces to understand the collective nature of time-honored rice production or trekking through Sapa and learning the traditions of the Black Hmong or cycling through rural villages nestled amongst the spectacular karst topography of China's Guangxi Region. These are just a few examples where we wed a region's traditional and quickly disappearing lifestyles with the geographic wonders for a true student adventure.

Of course, one cannot dismiss some of the world's most thriving cities, including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Beijing and Delhi which rise in sharp and modern contrast to the rural regions and are often our launch pad for our adventures.

"Dear Greg, I want to send you the biggest THANK YOU for planning the trip for our school to Vietnam. The kids and chaperons had an incredible time! Everything went according to plan with a few extras thoughtfully included. etr gave us an experience we will never forget!"

K. M. Dhahran

Unforget­table Moments

Take a quick look at the subsequent Asia destination pages and let us know your destination of choice. Given Asia's wealth of exploration opportunities and given that each and every one of our programmes are tailor made, there is surely an etr programme right for your students.

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