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Africa's magnificent landscapes have fired the imagination of travelers and explorers since time untold. In the land where human civilization first emerged, the long legacy of foreign exploration and exploitation has blended with rich indigenous traditions to create local cultures unlike any other. The vast continent offers endless opportunity for adventure, but etr's activities are focused in South Africa and Kenya, where hospitable travel environments, diverse traditional cultures, and excellent wildlife enable us to maximize the learning experience. Our diverse programs in South Africa can include wildlife adventures in Kruger National Park, service programs at local orphanages or hospices, or a sobering study of apartheid at the door of Mandela's prison cell…and many more options. In Kenya, a country which has been an etr destination for two decades, your students can discover the unique traditions of the Maasai tribe or follow giraffes, lions and leopards across the plains of the stunning Samburu Reserve. Traveling with etr, your students will delve into the wonders and challenges of this complex, ever-changing, yet strikingly beautiful continent.

Dear Greg and Rainer, Many thanks for all your hard work on the South Africa trip itinerary and arrangements. The trip went very well and the students (and adults!) all had a really good time.

E.M., Switzerland

Unforget­table Moments

All of etr's programs in South Africa and Kenya are custom-designed to meet your specific requirements. Though most of our programs are seven or eight days, we can build your program around your specific duration. Want some ideas? Just drop us a line with your criteria and we can propose a program which meets your requirements.

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