the world’s most inspiring student locations while pursuing academic themes or fulfilling your student’s service ambitions.

    meaningful hands-on activities which promote confidence, provide awareness and enhance appreciation of your chosen destinations.

    in inspiring cross-curricular itineraries custom designed to challenge and involve both middle and high school groups.

etr is a leading global provider of educational travel for international schools. Customized itineraries means your students can target specific learning outcomes and project goals. With 32 years’ experience and with premier destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, you can be assured a time efficient, quality learning experience for your students.

Why travel with etr

The answers are varied and numerous, but all boil down to two words: service and 32 Years of Experience.

Customized Itineraries

We know that each organizing teacher has specific learning goals and we, therefore, design each and every etr itinerary to attain your unique objectives. And with 32 years’ experience and our passionate etr staff, we can create the perfect program...just for you.

Great Value

With our experience, we are able to make your itinerary the most time efficient possible, and that equates to outstanding value for your students and their parents.


Whether your trip is a service program, an academic pursuit or a cultural adventure, you want to get the most out of your trip. That is where etr’s destination expertise can take a good trip and make it a great one.

Responsible Travel

etr provides low impact, community based service projects and unique travel experiences which minimize negative economic and environmental effects while advocating sustainable local benefit and the conservation of cultural heritage.


We at etr never push the safety envelope, ever. All elements of our programs are continually risk assessed and suppliers such as hotels, transportation and activity providers are fully vetted and continuously reviewed.

Attention to Detail

Our thorough and meticulous design, planning and operation of your student adventure means you can rest easy knowing we have each and every detail covered.

Week without Walls, Discovery Week, Interim Semester, Travel Week.

Whatever you call your school’s travel program, get the most out of it by contacting etr. As we have done for countless schools the world over in our 32 year history, we will design each itinerary to your specific requirements and desired outcome. Middle school or high, whether you are looking to enhance your curriculum focused trip, or whether it’s a service, CAS or adventure program you’re after, great experiences are be found with etr.

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