Peru is truly an ecological, historical and cultural paradise.

With a rich mix of ancient history, countless lush, often hypnotizing landscapes and well-preserved, time-honored traditions, Peru is truly an ecological, historical and cultural paradise. On an etr Peru Learning Adventure, you’ll travel back in time as we wander the trails laid down by the Incas. We’ll marvel at the spectacular views and well-preserved Inca temples in the Sacred Valley and you’ll discover why the mix of pre-Colombian structures and Spanish colonial architecture make the city of Cusco the “archeological capital of the Americas.”

etr’s Peru programs also have students participating in engaging CAS activities and cultural interaction as well as venturing to the lush, tropical jungles of Peru’s Amazon basin to learn firsthand about rainforest ecology and biology. Or venture to Lake Titicaca, South America’s largest, and learn the traditions of the indigenous Uros people. And we can add a few days of classroom instruction to enhance student’s Spanish language skills, should you wish.

Diverse, engaging and unforgettable. etr’s Peru.

• Inca Trail Trek • Traditional Culture • Spanish Language • Environmental Awareness • Sacred Valley • CAS

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu has guarded its secrets for centuries. Despite extensive historical and archaeological study, a lack of written records has made it difficult for scholars to discern the original function of this stunning citadel, perched on the rolling slopes of the eastern Andes. Was it a royal getaway for Incan elites? A ceremonial site for Incan leaders? Something else entirely? On an etr Peru Learning Adventure students can develop your own theory as we explore this iconic and awe-inspiring site.

Built in the 15th century, Machu Picchu sits at the heart of a sacred jungle landscape, encircled by a winding river that is still venerated by Peruvians and a fertile valley that has been cultivated with the same crops for centuries. The Incas abandoned Machu Picchu during the time of the Spanish Conquest but the site was not actually discovered by the Conquistadors, so many of the dry-stone structures tucked dizzyingly into rock escarpments remained intact.

We’ll explore the varied ruins to discover multiple aspects of ancient Peruvian life, from royal culture to religious customs to commercial habits, and stop in reconstructed, ornamental buildings that give us an even clearer picture of Machu Picchu’s past. Winding our way down ancient ramps in the shadows of Peru’s grandest mountains, we’ll discover that although Machu Picchu’s true purpose may be obscure, its magic is clear as ever.

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etr offers international school student groups the chance to explore iconic Machu Picchu and numerous mystical Inca sites all along the Sacred Valley in a wide variety of customized itineraries. To learn more, contact etr today.

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