Why Travel With etr

The answers are varied and numerous, but all boil down to two words: service and experience.

Exceptional Learning Adventures.

Since our inception in 1989, we have focused on providing the highest level of service to international schools throughout the world. We are always reachable and will respond to your communication quickly and efficiently. Our experience, as well as our attention to detail, means we will complete your comprehensive proposal in a timely fashion and to your exact requirements.

Because Experience Matters

How are we able to do this when other companies can't? Experience. Yes, with 32 years working with international schools around the world we know our destinations inside and out. For example, with over 240 Paris groups under our belt, we have the expertise to build your specific program to the French capital to your exact specifications. The 280 or so etr groups which have explored Italy benefited from this experience as have the groups to all our destinations. Just ask the tens of thousands of students who have travelled with etr. Service and experience. How else?
  • Fully Customized Itineraries
Your time out of the classroom is both valuable and limited and the key to our success would be assisting teachers by providing innovative and time efficient programs to their chosen destination...just the way you want it. To do this right, we have a fully staffed office with a team of travel professionals who are here to assist every step of the way. We utilize our extensive destination knowledge in the planning of your tour, making sure it's just the way you want it. No other company, which caters exclusively to international schools, can assist you in this way. But we also understand that the easier we make it for you the better. Our response time is unsurpassed and as we have 32 years experience, we can get right back to you with the information you require. As we said, service and experience.
  • Experienced Team
All etr student programs are accompanied by an experienced, professional leader who is personally selected not solely on the basis of being conscientious, reliable and knowledgeable, but also friendly, resourceful and committed to the well being of your group. Their skills will include the ability to smoothly guide your journey in your chosen destination, whether in a remote wilderness area or one of the world's capital cities. Above all your etr tour Director will be someone whose company you enjoy and who as a result will make a welcomed contribution to your travel experience.
  • Great Value
With our experience, we are simply able to get more for your dollar (or euro, franc or pound). The key is our ability to plan the most comprehensive, time efficient itinerary. Not hectic, not rushed, but smooth and well thought out.
  • Attention to Detail
Speaking about planning, every etr tour is planned down to the very last detail. Our head office team is the most experienced in organizing and leading student tours and knows just how to get the most for your students' time in your chosen destination. Whether on a Community Service program in Cambodia or studying the lingering effects of Communism in Moscow, or whatever your academic focus to be we have at our fingertips all the information necessary to make sure you get the best planned program available.
  • Safety
We at etr never push the safety envelope, ever. All elements of our programs are continually risk assessed and suppliers such as hotels, transportation and activity providers are fully vetted and continuously reviewed.
  • Expert destination knowledge
Whether your trip is a service program, an academic pursuit or a cultural adventure, you want to get the most out of your trip. That is where etr’s destination expertise can take a good trip and make it a great one.
Dear Andrea, I am writing this email on behalf of the chaperones to our recent trip to Jordan to share our great appreciation with having Stephen as our head guide. He did a fantastic job with us.
33, Boston, USA AMc and her students explored Petra and Wadi Rum with etr
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