Frankly, Moscow is a perfect student destination. Engaging, educational and, of course, enjoyable.

In Moscow we begin where Russia begins, in Red Square naturally. With the colorful St Basil’s cathedral at one end, the square is the heart of the capital and it is from here we step behind the imposing walls of the Kremlin. Inside we discover its fabled cathedrals and extensive collections at the Armory, proving our visiting students an understanding of the historical foundations of this grand and imposing country.
On an etr Moscow Learning Adventure, students gain first hand insight into Medieval Moscow, the Great Patriotic War, the Cold War and the US / USSR space race, among other foci. On our exploration of the city we’ll also cruise along the Moscow River, see a top-calibre show, possibly the Bolshoi ballet, or maybe a local ice hockey match, and visit the Tsar’s summer estate at Kolomenskoye. The galleries we survey, especially the Tretyakov, provide insight into Russian art from early icons to more contemporary masterpieces. There’s time for shopping too, of course, and as we’ve been visiting Moscow with international school groups since 1990, we know just the shops and markets for you. Arbat anyone?
Moscow is most often visited on a week long Moscow and St Petersburg educational program, all designed to your requirements. We have also had groups have explore ancient towns northeast of the capital, including Vladimir and Suzdal, Kizhi Island (Karelia) as well as the northern ports of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk and western cities of Pskov and Novgorod.
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As we have for three decades, at etr we are fully committed to providing you and your students with a customized Moscow program which, as we said above, will be engaging, educational and, of course, enjoyable.

Eager to explore the Russian capital?

Your students will be excited to be exploring Moscow with you. If you wish to see what a truly inspiring itinerary would look like, just drop a line.
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