Rome, the living museum.

Watching suited businessmen zoom past the Colosseum on motorbikes, you’ll begin to understand that life in the Eternal City is a constant conflagration of past and present. As we explore the famed monuments of Rome, we’ll discover the magic of a place where two thousand years of civilization form part of the everyday mosaic.

It has been said that Rome is a living museum, and as we have been operating student explorations in Rome since 1989, we’re able to customize her showpieces to suit your interest. From the fabled Roman forum to the awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon to the Gallery Borghese to the Vatican, there is no end to the treasures that await. We’ll cross centuries and cultures as we explore the soaring nave of St. Peter’s, marvel at Bernini’s fountain in the Piazza Navona, or ogle the latest fashions near the Spanish Steps. Roman, Medieval, Modern-day: in Rome, the centuries melt together as smoothly - and deliciously - as a perfect scoop of gelato.

etr’s repertoire of engaging Rome visits, expertly guided, delicious meals including traditional dishes for which Rome is renown, on a time efficient itinerary fully designed to meet your group’s specific learning objectives and requirements, is the way to go! Andiamo!

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As with all etr itineraries, each and every Rome programme is designed to meet your specific interests and requirements. Though the possibilities are endless, the Italian capital is often visited in combination with Florence or Sorrento (Pompeii & Herculaneum) for a great one week student exploration. Vieni con noi e scopri Roma!

Is Rome calling?

We create customized Rome itineraries which perfectly dovetail with your requirements. Drop us a line!
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