For many tourists to Greece, the mainland often serves as little more than a waypoint en route to the azure delights of the Greek Isles. However, for those travelers seeking the heart of ancient civilization, which is the vast majority of etr groups, no place is more delightful than the Peloponnese.
The storied cities of this peninsula transport visitors to the past with archaeological treasures and lands of legend. Mycenae boasts the birthplace of Agamemnon, while the 3rd-century theater at Epidaurus, with its remarkable acoustics, honors the earliest poets on record. In Olympia, the tradition of the Olympic Games comes alive. From Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece, to Sparta, seat of military power, every meter of the Peloponnese overflows with history.
Apart from the ancient sites, the Peloponnese is characterized by a diverse landscape of mountains and fertile plains which make it one of the leading agricultural producers in Greece, including world-famous Kalamata olives. On an etr program, your students can visit farms and learn the traditional method of producing their famed olive oil, learn traditional dances and enjoy the delicious local cuisine.
etr’s Greece programs, as with all our programs, are fully custom designed to meet your specific requirements.
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A very popular etr Greece itinerary will have your group take in the highlights of Delphi and Athens in combination with the Peloponnese for a great weeklong student exploration. Contact us today for your tailor-made program.

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With etr’s tailor made itineraries your students will get the most out of their time in Greece. To see what an itinerary could look like, just drop us a line.
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