The South of France


The unique Mediterranean and Roman heritage

Decades of glitz have turned the Cote d’Azur into a playground for the rich and famous. But beyond the beaches and baubles, you’ll find a region of France that bears the imprint of a unique Mediterranean and Roman heritage.

In Arles, the arena and amphitheater evoke an era when this city stood as the center of Gallo-Roman life. Nearby Nîmes offers more than 2000 years of history amidst the sun-beaten stones of the Amphitheater, the Maison Carée, and the nearby Pont du Gard. The perched medieval towns of St-Paul and Eze take us from the Roman ages to the Middle Ages, while flashy Nice and Monaco give visitors a chance to check out “the latest.” From historical to happening, the South of France is rich in more ways than you can imagine.

Our programs are designed to provide an engaging, well-rounded educational and cultural experience. We make sure your students enjoy delicious traditional meals, explore local markets and enjoy engaging hands-on activities and inspiring challenges.

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The size and diversity of the South allows for countless engaging itinerary options. Though most etr groups focus on either the Cote d’Azur or Roman France (Nîmes, Arles, Avignon) in Provence, the two are often combined or, alternatively merged with Paris for a more diverse and encompassing French experience. All designed to your requirements.

Does the south of France beckon?

Drop us a line and we can furnish a suggested program which meets your requirements. À bientôt!
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