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Once home to the world-revered Imperial Court and emperor Franz Josef himself, Vienna today blends modern conveniences and renowned cultural events with a strong connection to this opulent past. Medieval lanes wind through buildings and architectural styles spanning centuries, many of which survived 14th Century disasters, wars, and fires to stand proudly today. Music and art too find a welcome home here.
Music seemingly floats through the city and an etr Vienna program can include not only the Beethoven Museum, but also the Mozarthaus and Haydnhaus, detailing his life and the times he lived. Focusing on art, the Kunsthistorische Museum offers your students a fine collection of art for an afternoon of quiet perusal. We’ll also view masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rubens, Manet, Monet, Cézanne and Klimt on permanent display at the Albertina, not to mention some pretty special temporary exhibitions, and possibly hop over to the Belvedere to view Klimt’s The Kiss, arguably Vienna’s most viewed painting.
Exploring the Freud Museum, popping in local music shops, discovering the colorful Hundertwasser Haus, and of course, taking in the architectural importance of Schönbrunn Palace, the former summer home of the Habsburgs, are all part of an etr Vienna Learning Adventure. We’ll enjoy time in the capital’s famous coffee houses and traditional pastry shops, found on nearly every corner. We dive into the local cuisine, take in a live performance or two and, should you wish to venture out of the city, head to one of the picturesque, and cozy, villages nearby. Did we mention the delicious Schnitzel?
Oh, and least we forget, there is Prater Park, with the Giant Ferris Wheel, one of Vienna’s most iconic symbols and great for a bit of a distraction.
Inspiring music, magnificent art, scrumptious cuisine, stunning architecture. Come along with us as we explore Vienna.
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Depending upon your interests, Vienna is a great three or four-day city and therefore we here at etr often couple the Austrian capital with one of the magnificent cities nearby, including Salzburg, Budapest or Prague for a diverse, engaging week program.

Eager to explore Vienna?

Let us know your preferences and we can expertly design an etr Vienna program to meet your specific requirements. Come along!
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