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Towering snow-capped peaks, tranquil valleys brilliant with the wild flowers of Spring (or glittering with the snow of Winter), azure glacial lakes, centuries of musical and artistic traditions famous the world over: these are just a few of the wonders awaiting visitors to Austria. Salzburg and Vienna, two of the country's most well-known cities, provide perhaps the perfect entry into the wealth this country has to offer.

The angelic voices of the Vienna Boys Choir, strains of the still-revered Mozart, and the gentle tinkle of cow bells in the distance delight the ears, while magnificently-maintained edifices of centuries' past amaze the eyes. Narrow medieval alleys await closer exploration while ornate royal palaces awe even the most "experienced" tourist. All these wonders and more await you, so join us soon to discover for yourself the treasures this country holds.

etr most often operates to Salzburg programs coupled with the capital Vienna as well as with nearby Munich. Our Vienna programs can be coupled with Munich, Budapest or Prague for a great week of discovery.

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Unforget­table Moments

For students musically inclined, historically curious or who are art enthusiasts, Austria and its capital Vienna is a perfect learning opportunity.

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