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The city is rich in the visual arts.

Among travelers, Prague always earns accolades for its architecture. Largely untouched by the ravages of war that altered so many other European skylines, the city features a marvelous array of structures that date all the way back to the 10th century. But Prague boasts more than just buildings –this city is rich in the visual arts, too, with top-notch museums and a growing gallery scene. Come discover the best of Bohemia past and present with etr.

From 19th century masterworks to contemporary creations.

From 19th century masterworks to contemporary creations, our Prague art itineraries are completely customizable. We can focus on the city’s iconic museums, such as the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, home to the collection of Emperor Rudolf II; the City Gallery Prague, featuring Czech landscape paintings; or the National Gallery of Art, which showcases thousands of Czech and international works in multiple palaces and churches throughout the city.
Modern art mavens will find plenty to admire at the Czech Museum of Cubism or the Museum Kampa, which houses the world’s largest collection of paintings by František Kupka, a pioneer in abstract art. The Karlin neighborhood offers a taste of Prague’s contemporary scene, with numerous workshops, studios, and exhibition spaces. Or, we can head to the Dox Center for Contemporary Art – an erstwhile warehouse that has been transformed one of the city’s most important exhibition spaces. Opened in 2008, the Dox is just one more milestone in Prague’s long tradition of excellence in architecture and in art.
Prague is hauntingly beautiful and provides your students inspiring locations for sketching and, of course, photography. Let us show you where.
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Let the professionals at etr guide you through Prague’s bustling art scene, possibly coupling Prague with Berlin or Vienna to make a lively and diverse week long program. Contact us today and let us outline an itinerary for your review.

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We create customized art itineraries in Prague, and have since 1993. To begin your journey, just drop us a line.
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