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There are some places on this earth which leave an indelible mark on one’s spirit, and Kenya is one of them. A truly unique experience, an etr Kenya Exploration is more than just a wildlife safari, it is a student exploration like no other.

Most students venture to Kenya with the desire to view wildlife in its natural habitat and we surely do that. From Samburu to Nakuru to the Mara, we have every opportunity to see the rich, diverse animal life for which Kenya is aptly renowned. And while we know the chance to see a pride of lions or herd of wildebeest in real life and in their natural habitats captivates student travelers, we want you to also discover the rich culture, heritage and folklore of the ancient Maasai and Samburu tribes. During our Boma Experience students will be enthralled with the time-honored ceremonies, colorful handicrafts and the traditional way of life which dovetail with meaningful and rewarding Interaction with local students during service related CAS endeavors. Then there are the unimaginable landscapes…from snow capped Mt Kenya to the lakes of the Great Rift Valley to the dry, barren desert of the Samburu to the seemingly unending plains of the Mara, we have Kenya covered.

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The etr Kenya Exploration is undeniably one of our student favorites and has been for over 25 years.

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